Two-A-Day 2-Miler

This mornings gym session was a good one. Sometimes I feel like such a bad-ass in the gym, like I could take on the world — today was one of those days. I did the usual 30 min arc-trainer with music blasting, heart pounding, sweat dripping. Then I did back and abs. I strongly dislike ab workouts, but you do what you gotta do — though I’m convinced I’ll never have anything close it abs. I’ll keep trying though!

Cute gym guy sighting today!

So cute gym guy wears a college t-shirt to the gym every single day. This week/next week is the moment of truth: if cute gym guy disappears it means he’s back at school and way too young for me. If I’m still seeing him regularly at the gym next week, then he’s definitely post-grad and our whirlwind romance can commence.

…you know, once he realizes who I am.


Breakfast was not waffles, but one of my favorite go-to morning meals:

Cinnamon raisin ezekiel toast w/ peanut butter, sliced banana, and chia seeds w/ organic skim milk on the side. It’s a meal that never fails me, and always satisfies.


I forgot again to take a picture of my lunch at work. It was a salad. I’m predictable. I’m a salad lover.

I also packed lots of snacks for work: baby carrots, big fruit salad, cashews.

I did not eat them.

Because I ate chocolate cake instead!

At our weekly RD meeting, they brought in cake to congratulate me on passing my exam. It was a super sweet gesture, and the cake was super sweet too. I tackled 3/4 of a big slice and then I raised my white flag and surrendered.  —  Let’s be honest, I could have eaten the whole thing, but I controlled myself. 😉


When I stepped out of work today, I could not believe the beautiful weather. It was sunny and pleasant but not hot and not humid. Perfect — for a run.

I’m not one to work out twice in one day usually, but I couldn’t resist. I came home, laced up the running sneakers, and went out for a quick 2 mile run.

Hitting the pavement. Oh how I missed running.

It was not a super easy 2 miles, I’ve slacked on the running since July, when I got a sharp pain during one run. But I can’t wait to work on building my endurance this fall/winter. The ultimate goal is a half marathon.


I was definitely hungry when I got back from running. I cooked up some whole wheat linguini, sauteed broccoli slaw/bok choy/red pepper/onion/garlic in sesame oil.  I cooked two sliced beef tips in another pan. Then I piled everything into one pan, added 1/4 c edamame, and a sauce made of chunky peanut butter + sesame oil + tamari.

Looks good, right?

It would have tasted great

…if I didn’t overcook the pasta.

What a sticky pasta mess. Still tasted good — just could have been better.

Loved having beef in the dish though! I’m not used to cooking with beef, but I was digging it. I bought organic grass-fed beef which is way more expensive, but an important consumer choice I choose to make. That’s why I added the edamame — by adding another source of protein I could use less of the meat. Still really enjoyed the taste it contributed to the dish, but it makes the price of the meat more manageable when you can spread it out over more meals.
After dinner I washed dishes, made tomorrow’s lunch, and then I was still hungry so I gladly dug into my neglected fruit salad.

Followed by raw cashews — my favorite.

It’s Real World Night and I can actually watch it instead of study! You can find me sitting in front of the TV and then passing out in my bed.

Later alligator!


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